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1. Pre-excavate aprox. 1.5 m depending on the stability of the soil and place first panel inside. Make sure the panel is secured.

2. One corner rail is placed and the second panel is slided into the rail.

3. The second corner rail is placed.

4. Step 2 and 3 are repeated on both sides of the pit. it is important to do this as precise as possible, so the fourth panel fits in between of the rails.

5. Place the fourth panel into the system and adjust the system, if necessary.

6. Panels and rails are lowered during excavation, step by step. Depending on the soil, the panels have to stay ahead of the rails. When a depth of 2.3 m is reached, a toppanel can be inserted (single slide rail system) and secured with bolts. If necessary, plate and rail protectors can be used.

7. When using the Double Slide Rail system, the base panels are inserted into the inner slide of the rails. At depths of up to 6.1 m, top panels have to be used on top of a base panel.

8. Step 7 has to be repeated on all sided of the pit. If necessary, top panels have to be used.

9. The panels in the outer slides stay approximately 10 cm above groundlevel. Doing so, no soil will roll into the pit.