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Trench Shoring Systems from Shoring Professionals


Trench Shoring Systems from Shoring Professionals

EURO VERBAU is an independent company and designs, produces, rents and sells trench shoring systems throughout the world. Our trench shoring professionals have up to 25 years of experience in designing, production and marketing of trench shoring systems and can help and assist you in almost all trench shoring queries. Through our own rental stations or one of our agents or dealers we can supply our shoring systems with short delivery times. Our team of trench shoring professionals is trained to serve you in the best possible way.

Consulting service

We advise without any obligation for our customers. Our trench shoring professionals have also great experience in handling and usage of shoring systems on both easy and difficult job sites. Our rentals fleet is continuously maintained and serviced. This assures working with the systems and its parts without any surprises. Try our team’s experience and our systems on one of your jobs and judge yourself.


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