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Our trench shoring systems

The solution for almost every possible trench shoring problem

EURO VERBAU Trench Shoring systems are ideal and especially designed for jobs inner and outer city as well as special applications. As the solution for almost every possible trench shoring problem we offer steel systems, like the well known box systems, sheet pile frames, several slide rail systems and of course the corner rails. All our systems are designed to work safely and economical and offer a great spectrum off possibilities. All our systems are engineered by professionals and have been thousands of times tested on un-numerous jobs all over the world.

Design & Safety

Our shoring systems are designed to be safe and economic and manufactured to last for years according the strict EN norms and standards. Our technicians and engineers try to improve quality and techniques on a daily bases and have an intense contact with our customers, who work with our systems every day in many different circumstances. Our systems are engineered by professional engineers and approved by the German BG (earlier the TBG). Special systems, build to the customers needs, are designed and engineered “on the job”.

Our trench shoring systems are made by experienced welders and manufactured with high quality. Steel and materials are only bought from special steel mills and suppliers.


Our trench shoring systems:

Euro Verbau guarantees:

  • Economic and safe shoring systems
  • Quality
  • Approved systems according EN 13331
  • compatibility with your own shoring systems
  • Spare parts will be available for years and years

Our trench shoring professionals have up to 25 years of experience in designing, production and marketing of trench shoring systems and can help and assist you in almost all trench shoring queries.