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Slide Rail Shoring Systems

Proven in countless applications throughout the world and represent an efficient and cost effective solution to a wide variety of often difficult, underground shoring problems.Shore with system – depending on the depth of the trench, asystem with plug-in struts or support frames and one, two or three slides can be chosen for depths up to 33’/ 10 m.

Our systems guarantee high quality work. The Slide Rail Systems are available in the following specifications:

  • Slide rails system type Standard, Super (Slide mounting) and Parallel.
  • Shoring panels from the standard version up to USA superior panels (base and extension panels).
  • Spindle strut units with spring mushroom fittings for system Standard and Super.
  • Support frame for slide rail type PV (parallel).

Depth graph


  • Further information and technical details can be found on this page.
  • You can rent these systems.
  • Other dimensions and special constructions are build to the demands of the customer.
  • Corner slide rails and Super slide rail system (DG SL) are not shown above.

Slide rail systems:

Single slide rail system

Maximum depth: 3,70 m Maximum pipe clearance:1,80 m Plate lengths: 1,00 tot 6,25 m

The continuously interlocked slide rails and shoring panels makes the smallest of the slide rail systems the most ideal trench shoring solution in loose ground conditions in depths of up to 12’ / 3.7m. Picture shows single slide rail system Parallel and is also available in Super- and Standard version.

Double slide rail system

Maximum depth: 7,40 m Maximum pipe clearance: 3,00 m Plate lengths: 1,00 tot 6,25 m The biggest selling slide rail system in the world. The original double slide rails enable the steel shoring panels to slide parallel to eachother during installation and extraction. Small unit weights and friction areas permit the use of midsize excavators. The double slide rail system is suitable for trench depths up to 24.5’ / 7.4m in difficult ground conditions. Picture shows double slide rail Parallel system and is also available in Super- and Standard version.

Triple slide rail system

Maximale diepte: 8,50 m
Maximale buis doorlaathoogte: 3,00 m
Platenlengtes:1,00 tot 6,25 m

Based on the same principle as the double slide rail system, the triple slide rail makes usage of three slides. So, even deeper trenches can be handled without problems. This sytem is only used for special and deep applications. Big and powerfull excavators are a must to optimise working with this system. Picture shows triple slide rail Parallel system and is also available in Super- and Standard version.

Rail versions

The slide rail systems exist out of three different versions of rails: Standard, Super and Parallel:

Standard slide rail system

Slide rail system with spring mushroom fitted in guidance on the slide rail.

Super slide rail system

This system is the stronger version of the standard slide rail system.

Parallel slide rail system

Parallel shoring is the logical refinement of the slide rail system.

Corner rails & Special Shoring System

The Corner Slide Rail System is the proven time and labor saving method of shoring all types of pit and shaft excavations.

Slide rail system panels

Slide rail system panels are available in multiple variants to meet you job site requirements.