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Instrucciones de uso de los sistemas de cajones

1. Pre-excavate aprox. 1,5m depending on the stability of the soil.

2. Place outer panels in rail. Picture shows rail on depth, atbeginning sequence rail is on excavation level.

3. Place rail pair over panel and start excavating.

4. Lower rail and panels during excavation by pressing on top of rails and panels. In difficult situations plate and rail protectors must be used.

5. Place top panels and continue excavation. Rails and panels are lowered con-tinuously by pushing with the bucket of the excavator. In soft soil, excavation may not exeed level of panels.

6. Excavation continues. Panels and rails follow depth of excavation.

7. Inner panels are placed and excavation continues until final depth is reached.

8. System has reached the bottom of trench and frame has to be pulled up to create free space for pipe or culvert.

9. Pipe is laid and back filling and compacting starts. Important: backfill and compact step by step only to avoid settlement of ground after some time and cracks in the road.